Visit One of the Only Petting Zoos in Woodland Park

at Historic Triple B Ranch Today! 

The petting zoo is a favorite amongst our lodging guests and other guests that visit the ranch for birthday parties, weddings, field trips, horseback rides, and so on!  Many furry friends are waiting for your affection!  The petting zoo is a great place for kids to visit and encourages their love for animals.  Come and play with numerous cute, little critters!  It’s like having a zoo in your own backyard! 

With more animals than you can shake a stick at, our petting zoo is fun for every kid…even big kids!

We have llamas, miniature horses, goats, kittens, rabbits, sheet, kittens and sometimes more than that even!  Of course, the ranch is also home to the many beautiful horses that can be seen throughout the property! 

The petting zoo is a great place to set up a field trip or birthday party. Kids can come and pet the many animals while also learning about them! It’s a unique experience and can be made even more special when partnered with an arena ride or hayride!  


Imagine giving the gift of learning about animals in a hands-on environment!  Watch your love for animals grow as you experience the many different ranch pets! Visit the petting zoo with purchase of an activity pass, which is our daily pass that allows guests to enjoy the ranch for the day.  The petting zoo can also be visited after going on a horseback ride or in combination with your next event (birthday party, field trip, etc.)!



Make your children’s love of horses and ranch animals a part of their reality.  Stay at Historic Triple B Ranch and give them the true ranch experience! Visits to the petting zoo is free to our guests staying in one of our country cabins! Imagine getting a zoo right in the backyard of the place you arelodging!  Instead of turning on the television for entertainment for your kids, you can send them out to get some fresh air and animal exposure! 



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