Historic Triple B Ranch has been a guest ranch since the 1940’s, which offers numerous services such as lodging and cabin rental, horseback riding, facility rental, horse boarding, horseback riding lessons, and day activities.  The ranch is located in Woodland Park, Colorado. 

On December 13, 2010, the ranch’s barn caught fire.  The fire was discovered at approximately 6:00am and 911 was called immediately; however, the by this time, the barn was already full engulfed by the flames.  The cause of fire remains unknown, but the Teller County Fire Department is still investigating.  Teller County Fire Department has done and is doing a great job; they do not know the cause, but they do know the point of ignition. 

Two horses were lost in the fire along with one llama.  All of the other ranch and guest horses, as well as the other ranch animals, were able to be rescued.  One of the horses that was lost belonged to one of our boarders, and the other one was the ranch’s prized, incredible World Champion stallion—paint horse legend, Docs Delta Dude. 

This was both a physical and emotional loss for the ranch, but we know that with the prayers and support from the community and elsewhere, we will be able to rebuild and overcome this tragedy.  Despite all of the rebuilding that we are faced with, the ranch is still open for business for all of its areas - even trail riding!  Our horseback riding is still praised for it's wonderful views, mountainous terrain, and quality horses!

We are currently in the process of rebuilding the barn - it has been difficult to replace, but we are hoping that by summer 2013, we will have a new facility for our horses to call home!  We do currently have a tack shed in the area where the barn used to be located, and we have many standing stalls located outside! 

Once again, the ranch wants to thank everyone for all of their thoughts and prayers.  We really appreciate it and are so grateful for everyone’s support and encouragement.  We want to offer a special thank you to Divide Feed Store (who has already started a donation booth for the ranch), as well as to our neighbors and our past and current guests.  We also want to thank Teller County Fire Department and the Sheriff’s Department for their professionalism, assistance, and everything else. 


The "barn" in its current state.


Our World Champion Stallion, Docs Delta Dude, that was lost in the barn fire. 



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